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About Nano Dimension

Build, Test, Iterate Electronics in a Single Day

                                                                                                                                      Nano Dimension is the pioneer and sole provider of AME 3D printers. The company’s signature system for high-performance electronic devices (HiPED®) is DragonFly. Nano Dimension also provides the software to prepare AME designs for printing, called FLIGHT. FLIGHT contains aspects of both 2D electronic CAD (ECAD) and 3D mechanical CAD (MCAD).

How DragonFly works

                                                                                                                              DragonFly uses multi-material inkjet deposition to build electronic circuits layer by layer. Most projects employ AgCite™ ®– a breakthrough silver nanoparticle ink for conductive connectors and passive components as well as a dielectric polymer (acrylate) that provides insulation and structure. The metal and substrate are printed simultaneously -- the metal is cured by infrared light, and the polymer by UV. The precise balance of these two material processes in DragonFly creates structurally stable circuit boards, antennas, and complex geometric applications with electric performance comparable to devices with standard components.



What are the major differences of DragonFly AME output and traditional manufactured electronics?

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