XTPL is the leader in providing nanoprinting capabilities. We are shaping global nanofuture. XTPL will enable global manufacturers of new generation electronics by providing ultra-precise printing technology to be implemented on their production lines. XTPL is a company developing globally innovative, additive manufacturing technology that enables ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. Unique XTPL printing system allows for precise deposition of an in-house formulated nanoink on a variety of substrates to obtain conductive & nonconduvtive submicron structures.

Disruptive Technology

XTPL operates in the nanotechnology market segment. The company is developing and commercialising its globally innovative platform technology of ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials, protected by international patent applications. The XTPL method is a breakthrough with a unique combination of several features: it is an additive method, which ensures significant time and material savings and allows the advantages of print – such as scalability, cost effectiveness and speed.


Among the following, XTPL develops outstading applications:

Points of Contact

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Łukasz Kosior

Business Development Manager – Delta Printing System


Daria Więcławska

Business Development Specialist – Nanoinks


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