UV-C light Facemask Module

September 19, 2022
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  • by J.A.M.E.S Team
    J.A.M.E.S GmbH
  • UV-C LED Light
  • Sterilization
  • disinfection
  • DragonFly IV
  • covid-19
  • wearable
  • facemask
  • rechargeable module
  • Miniaturisation
  • mCAD
  • 3D wiring
  • uv-c virus killer
  • protection


The goal of this AME story has a potential medical background and could offer new health protection concepts against the COVID-19 virus by using UV-C light that can reduce and inhibit infection.

Everyone is using different types of FFP-Masks to reach a good protection level, but also, everyone knows about the high amount of used and wasted masks you can find nearly everywhere.

We would like to reach out to an AME field of engagement to reduce waste by creating a changeable and rechargeable UV-C Light Filter Module, which can be easily reused and gives an additional protection level against COVID-19.
(UV-C light can reduce and inactivate up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses.)

The following picture shows that replaceable face mask filters are already available on the market. The protection could be even higher with an active UV-C Light reactor.

Yes, there are also excellent high-tech masks on the market which are using already UV-C light to do health protection. This will be the part of the story to enable an easy and more low-cost architecture, which should also be comfortable to wear.

On the following links you can have some impressions about what’s currently existing on the market to take over the upcoming design challenge:
e.g., Oracle Lighting Launches Three New Vehicle/Room COVID-19 Neutralizing UV Light Devices | Utility Products
or UV Mask is the world’s first antiviral face mask with an active UV-C sterilization for 99.99% clean air – Yanko Design

You can see that there are different requirements to handle as well as skin protection for UV-C light.
It will be a combination of mechanical design and an active electronic circuit to handle the needs for miniaturization.

List of requirements and targeted architecture

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