Rough condition? Tough ceramics!



Competence in additive ceramics

For more than 30 years, Fraunhofer IKTS has been demonstrating the potential of ceramic materials. We develop electronic components that are suitable for use in harsh environments with high thermal, chemical and/or mechanical loads. Additive processes are used for complex geometric requirements. Thick-film and direct-writing technologies can be used to functionalize the components. For this purpose, layers of sensory or actuator active, electrically conductive, thermally conductive and/or insulating pastes or inks are applied and sintered.

Ceramics as high-frequency circuits

For the manufacture of high-frequency assemblies, all-ceramic or glass-ceramic LTCC materials with their outstanding high-frequency characteristics provide the springboard to the next generation of circuit carriers. LTCC ceramics can be functionalized comparable to printed circuit boards with electrical conducting tracks and provided with internal functional layers or buried structures.

Services offered

We cover the entire value chain: from material synthesis and powder processing to the development of functional ceramic semi-finished products, component and system design, and process development, right through to functional testing and reliability studies. In the area of AME, the development of customer-specific functional inks/pastes, as well as technology development for 3D metallization and integration, form the main focus of work. For our customers, we can map various scales, ranging from feasibility studies to the development of small series for demonstration purposes to the transfer to mass production.

Project Announcement HYDRA

HYDRA - Hybrid approach of thick-film and laser direct structuring for functionalization of 3D-ceramics

HYDRA is an AiF project approach focusing on novel metallization concepts for 3D-AME ceramics. In that way, very fine and high-power conductive paths can be realized on 3D-AME ceramics. This enables completely new design possibilities for highly robust ceramic substrates. Fraunhofer IKTS, Hahn Schickard and IFKB Stuttgart are working on a technology combination of thick-film and laser direct metallization of 3D-AME ceramics. Both technologies will be evaluated on 3D-AME ceramics in terms of printing accuracy, electrical and reliability characteristics, including a detailed analyses of interconnectability of both metallization types.

More about HYDRA project

For more information about the project content and process, please contact:

M. Sc. Kai Werum
Apl. Prof. Dr. Frank Kern

Dr.-Ing. Paul Gierth


The combination of ceramic additive manufacturing and thick-film as well as direct-writing technologies opens up a wide range of new applications for harsh environments

Points of Contact

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Dr. Paul Gierth

Systems Integration and Electronic Packaging

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Dr. Steffen Ziesche

Group Leader Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC

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