3D-AME hybrid structure Inlay

September 21, 2022
State: Verified Phase
  • by Sebastian Pledl
  • Combined Hybrid Structure
  • AM combined with AME
  • 3D-RF Device
  • Environmental Testing
  • RF-Verification
  • DragonFly IV
  • Qualification Issues

Description of the Design

The 3D-AME hybrid structure is an essential part of an antenna application for RF signal distribution. The 3D-AME structure implements a full 3dimensional crossover RF-design, which relies on a RF-simulation, to enable better RF-performance. The creation of an RF-simulation requires a fine knowledge about the electrical parameters of the used materials, like Dk and loss tan.
To handle environmental requirements, the AME-structure is covered into an AM frame of the device.

Future field of application:

 - Improved analysis data for material parameters for RF-simulation
- True realization of full 3D-RF structures (mechanical and electrical)
- Minimize the delta between simulation and realized RF-structures (Simulation <> Verification)
- Establish new ways of hybrid integration with different Processes and Materials
- Improve RF-Performance with 3D
- Improve miniaturization with new AME materials
- Drive reproducibility of AME structures as one step for qualification issues
- ongoing investigations on environmental testing

Current technology limitations:

 - Stabilization of AME-process 
- Limits of resolution
- Slicer limitations
- z-axis conductivity for 3dimensional routing  

Design experiences:

 Needs for 3D-wiring design eCAD-tools 

Key Features of your Design

  • Design in collaboration with HENSOLDT
  • 3D-AME design for RF application
  • RF distribution functionality
  • From 3D-RF simulation to 3D-AME structure realization
  • Driving RF performance
  • Environmental Test experience

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