AME 3DTestCoupon Testcase 1.0 PTC

September 19, 2022
State: Verified Phase
  • by J.A.M.E.S Team
    J.A.M.E.S GmbH
  • Fundamental Design
  • DragonFly IV
  • testcoupon
  • 3D wiring
  • verification
  • 3d-design rules
  • reproducibility
  • neutral 3d testcoupon
  • free for modification
  • complete printer tray



J.A.M.E.S is providing this AME 3DTestCoupon to verify the reproducibility of three-dimensional wiring designs in a harmonized formfactor over the complete printing area. The Test coupon is designed to reveal differences in connectivity and conductivity of three-dimensional lines at different positions in the printing area. While this design was originally designed for the DragonFly IV Multijet process of Nano Dimension, the intention of the designers was to provide an easy-to-adapt test coupon which can also be used in different AME processes.

Future field of application:  

In the future this Test coupon is intended to be extended to yield verified design guidelines for AME structures including three-dimensional wiring.

TestCoupon for Indication of: 

- Verified reproducibility as essential step for qualification of AME-process

- Limits of resolution

- Slicer limitations

- z-axis conductivity for three-dimensional routing   

Key Features of your Design

  • 3D-wiring basic elements
  • resistance measuring
  • Technology independent TestCoupon
  • Influence of position in printing area

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