Induction motor Design Concept

July 4, 2022
State: Concept Phase
  • by Michael Grünfelder
  • AME Motor
  • Electric motor
  • Induction motor
  • Miniaturization
  • Integrated coils
  • no permanent magnets

Description of the Design


The design shows the concept of an additively manufactured induction motor.

The vision behind this is to 3D-Print functional electric motors.

Electric motors are most commonly manufactured by winding copper wire to coils and assembling those. This involves different process steps like winding coils, connecting the coils to a circuit, etc...

By using AME the motor design is no longer limited by: 

- wire winding 

- 2.5D PCB design 

- mountability of coils 

Necessary steps would be: 

- finalizing the MCAD Design (regarding printability & optimization of wiring)

- design of mechanical concept (bearings etc.)

- design of fitting motor controller

- printing of motor & procurement of controller + mechanical components

- testing of prototype 

Key Features of your Design

  • Induction motor concept without permanent magnets
  • Integrated design by using AME
  • Miniaturization potential by using AME

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